A review of the 2006 article top 10 reasons to oppose water privatization

As a result, more than employees were laid off, and the ministry s role in monitoring water safety was diluted. The people demanded cancellation of the contract with the British company, Biwater.

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Water Privatization

Type of entity charged with the regulation of private water providers Examples Municipality or an association of smaller municipalities France and Spain Specialized body at the city level set up to regulate a single contract Guayaquil, Ecuador; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Jakarta, Indonesia with some control by the national government in the latter case ; Manila, Philippines; formerly in Buenos Aires, Argentina Specialized regulatory agency at the supra-municipal sub-national level Public Utilities Commissions in U.

Company executives ignored the residents request and went ahead with their plans. As a result, the IMF and World Bank are able to provide lucrative and virtually risk-free contracts for multinational corporations.

The largest private water companies are: Cabinet New About Health Risks. In the midst of the turmoil the employees of Aguas del Tunari fled from Cochabamba.

Debate: Water privatization

The private water company, Aguas del Tunari, immediately doubled water prices. Februaryp Lobina, Emmanuele. For example, negotiations of concessions in Buenos Aires and Manila resulted in investment requirements being reduced, tariffs being increased and tariffs being indexed to the exchange rate to the US dollar.

The companies are under no obligation to provide water or service when water is defined as a marketable commodity rather than a human right. Global Water Corporation and Aquaroute Inc. The second group of studies often use econometric techniques. Mixed-ownership company 1 and concessions 2 A World Bank report lists the following examples of successful public-private partnerships in developing countries: Once water rights have been signed over, very little can be done to ensure that the private company will work in the best interest of the community.

Less well known, but just as relevant, are water privatizations in other countries, such as in Colombia. Most of the contracts were awarded in municipalities with highly deteriorated infrastructure, such as Barranquilla and Cartagena.

The government arrested the leader of the protesters, Oscar Olivera. The awareness for the need to regulate typically increases substantially when profit-oriented private operators become involved: In deals brokered by the World Bank which often makes water privatization a condition for a loancompanies are usually guaranteed a cash payment for expropriation if a government agency decides to bring water back under public control.

Geological Survey reports that the estimate by Cadiz and the Metropolitan Water District of California that billion gallons of water can be extracted over 50 years is an exaggeration.

For both economic and technical reasons, once aquifers are emptied or polluted, they are almost impossible to restore.Mar 26,  · Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Water Privatization. March 26, · by devsgroupfive · Bookmark the permalink. · Here are the reasons: Privatization leads to rate increases; Privatization undermines water quality; Companies are accountable to shareholders, not consumers.

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Water Privatization The World Bank has predicted that by the yeartwo-thirds of the world s population will run short of fresh drinking water.


law and politics seem to be questioning. Water Privatization and Regulation in England and Wales lic flotation would succeed: the government wrote off most of the debt on the public com. Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Water Privatization The World Bank has predicted that bytwo-thirds of the world’s population will run short of fresh drinking water.

Given such a grim outlook, it comes as little surprise that Fortune magazine recently defined water as “the oil of the 21 st century.” Poised to capitalize on this crisis are private companies. A Review of the Article "Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Water Privatization" PAGES 4.

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A review of the 2006 article top 10 reasons to oppose water privatization
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