Function art project

This is an individual choice so please do what is best for your students. The basic idea is delineated above.

The accuracy of slopes, y-intercepts, and domains is immediately evident as functions are graphed with a free robust graphing software called GeoGebra. Details and additional notes are in the second section of the lesson PowerPoint. Vertical lines are different than Function art project other lines we have studies.

This project requires the use of technology. Students create a unique design with only line segments and then write the linear functions with restricted domains to recreate the picture. More instructions can be found in the teacher guide.

Writing Linear Equations: Linear Function Art Project

They find something like 3, 4 and 1, 4. I have included two examples. If you can get access to a 1 computer: Why not have a go at it?

Teacher tested; student approved. The first is simpler while the second Function art project not as pretty. Ask them, are these functions? Did you know buyers also have access to future revisions? Next I ask them "What does a vertical line look like if we are given two points?

I ask them to discuss with Function art project partner how they know that this has a zero slope. Graphing linear equations with restricted domains by hand is also a part of the project.

Please feel free to add to or take away from this section as needed by your students. The technology aspect of this project gives students immediate feedback on the accuracy of Function art project equations and is CRITICAL to the success of this project.

I pick one example and have them find the slope. I pick an example and have the students find the slope algebraically, which results in a zero denominator.

Please note the download is a. If you would like to check out GeoGeobra before purchasing, the link is geogebra. No matter that the output the input is always the same? GeoGebra is free openware software. Next, I ask them "What does a horizontal line look like if we were given two points?

I find it really helps when they realize that all of the ordered pairs have the same y value. Since writing equations of lines is not a goal in Common Core Algebra 2 and so much valuable information can be gleaned from slope-intercept form, I have chosen not to teach point-slope form. Finding a Linear Equation Review 10 minutes The project at the end of this lesson relies on the fact that students can write the equations of lines confidently given two points.

Moreover, finished projects can really be used see teacher guide for more. So what am I selling? Gasp as creativity flows out of students in this synthesis level project.

The goal is to model horizontal lines or situations where there is no rate of change. Writing functions and restricting domains to build a picture is no new concept.

Please watch my video on dividing by zero for information on how to explain this to students. Students will come up with something like 3, 4 and 3, 6. I ask the students to identify the slope.

Check it out --geogebra. Finally, they are asked to come up with a real life scenario to represent a horizontal line and we share as a class.Trig Art Projects At our school, our Pre-Calc/Trig students create trig art projects every fall. I know it's a pretty popular thing to do, but I gotta say, I'm pretty sure I got some of the most amazing trig art ever.

The math criteria: Use at least 3 trigonometric functions; Each function must have at least 2 periods; There must be at. Students will be able to create a graphical work of art using linear functions Big Idea Linear functions form the basis for the more complex functions covered in this course.

Once you have drawn your required functions, you may add additional touches to make your final product more distinguishable. 2.

The picture must include a minimum of 8 equations for the individual; a minimum of 15 equations for groups of 2; and 21 equations for a group of three.

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Mathematical Modeling: Linear Functions Design Project

Linear Functions & ART? Gasp as creativity flows out of students in this synthesis level project. Revel in the algebra objectives met simultaneously. Reinforce understanding of writing linear equations with this Writing Linear Function Art Project.4/5(59).

Parent Function Poster great for High School Classroom or a Saturday afternoon art project!!! Pre-Calculus and Calculus This differentiated outer space themed project covers quadratic functions and is the perfect way to incorporate science into mathematics.

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Function art project
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