Jargon to avoid in business writing

The earth being flat was a paradigm. Again, consistency and context are key.

Why and how to avoid jargon

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the underlying concepts and experimental practices of any particular discipline. If you are writing a very informal or humorous piece, slang or idiomatic expressions may be fun.

You only have to control it if you want to communicate with potential clients and customers, investors, sponsors, citizens, senior executives, and others who can help you achieve your goals. Like sarni British slang for sandwichbarbi for barbeque, which I till then only associated with a certain American doll, hip which has nothing to do with a body part and other slang common internet and texting acronyms like BFF, LMAO and LOL.

If your answer to any part of that question is no, your term is jargon. Results-oriented This phrase is popular in a specific kind of business writing — resumes. Or to a grandparent who has been around far longer than international development existed as a discipline? If you want people to find you on the Internet, use both jargon and general terms so that both experts and non-experts can find you.

He frequently places bets at fantasy leagues and also an avid fan of snowboarding. If you refer to yourself only as a "domestic law attorney," potential clients will not find you if they are looking for a divorce lawyer, adoption lawyer, child custody attorney, or elder law expert.

Business goes beyond that. Unless you have a purpose to use slang, apply the rules of plain English writing and remove slang from your document, especially if your readers are business or academic professionals.

To use jargon effectively, you must know your audience.

Business Writing: Jargon Phrases to Avoid

Proofreading is the answer for improving your writing skills. Tips for Avoiding Slang The best way to avoid slang is to keep your audience in mind. If you do use slang, you have to define it in context and use it frequently enough in your text for it to seem a natural part of the telling of your story.

Shakespeare coined many idioms that are still used today, including: Slang is the language of the moment. The child stole a hundred dollars. How many clicks around the Internet did it take you to understand the original jargon?

The more you proofread, the more you view your writing objectively and spot mistakes. Before and After Examples These before and after examples can aid you in spotting slang and removing it from your writing.

You may want to use this phrase when you want to move from one business chapter to another, but it would be much better to just skip this line. She is the author of the Animal Store Alphabet Booka picture book funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign. If you find yourself having to reread a sentence over and over again, it is often because it contains confusing jargon.

Here are some useful websites on slang. Abbreviations including acronyms without definitions or spelled-out versions: Here are ways to get control of your language.

Slang is largely considered unprofessional, especially when it is written. If any of the examples sound like good writing to you, return to the top of this post and start taking good notes. One way to help define jargon in your writing is to spell out acronyms or abbreviations the first time you use them: They are not slang or abortions of words — they just have a particular local meaning.

But in the hands of good writers, they are just three more tools in your writing toolbox. If you know you commonly use slang, then hone in on the choice of words that you use to construct a coherent sentence. Unless you define or explain it, do not use jargon in any communications outside your expert peer groups:In sum, jargon is unhelpful at best, and harmful at worst.

Sometimes we have to write donor reports that respond directly to the devspeak in the monitoring and evaluation plan. In those cases, jargon can be hard to avoid but try. How to Use (not abuse) Jargon, Slang and Idioms. April 19, Susan Bearman Filed Under: Unless you have a specific reason to use jargon, it’s best to avoid it.

If you must include jargon, be sure to define it or make it understandable within the context of your story. I took a business writing class through my work and it changed. Business writing is about getting the job done. Writing stuff the reader can't understand does not align well with that aim at all.

To a reader, jargon often looks like superfluous detail or clouding, and it can make the reader suspicious. Avoid jargon and $10 words Business writing is full of industry-specific buzzwords and acronyms.

And while these terms are sometimes unavoidable and can occasionally be helpful as shorthand, they.

What Is Jargon in Business Writing?

Business-speak, that’s why. Business jargon can be annoying, but tell that to any business man or woman. They’ll barely even look at you. I mean, who cares if it’s annoying?

Business is doing its job, and that’s to make money. If there’s something the business world should be worried about, it’s clarity. Mar 26,  · Bryan A.

Garner is a leading authority on writing, usage, grammar, and style.

Avoiding Slang in Writing

He is the author of many books on writing, including the HBR Guide to Better Business Writing and the best-selling.

Jargon to avoid in business writing
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