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One night as i did my rounds i noticed that there was a priest in the room where i was headed next. There was a time when i worked at a nursing home and i found myself in a similar situation. This woman was so frail that took twice as long as i normally would, being careful not to inflict any pain upon her.

Afterwards, i emptied the trash from her room and grabbed my cart and headed for the door. I grabbed it and asked would could i do for her. I introduced myself and to my surprise she gathered enough strength to turn her head my way. I nodded and went into the darkened room.

Though our time was short, she left a lasting impression on my heart.

It was time for me to do rounds again, and by the time i got back to her room, there was a doctor, two nurses and the priest that i ran into earlier. This was the first time i experienced death in this way, and felt the pain of someone i hardly knew.

But how can some people are so betrayal their parents. Working in the health care field has been a love of mine for the past ten years now. Since she was the last of my patients that i visited, i stayed a while. Would my family allow me to be in such a place where i felt distant from them? From that moment i changed my attitude at work from being somewhat cold-hearted, to being compassionate and wanting to make every moment count for each individual that resided at the nursing home.

Without having to ask any questions, i knew what happened. A lot of charities are organized around the world, that make everybody know in this world there are still many humane feeling, always ready to help them whenever they need.

Being young and inexperienced at life all i could think of was coming in to work and getting it over with as quickly as possible.

She very thin and seemed to be in pain. The relationship between parents and children are very close and nothing can change or replace it. I started to undress her so that i could give her a bed bath.

Will you do a best thing for any one? I started back toward her to see what was wrong. I stood at the door, not wanting to disturb his speech as he read from the bible. What if this was me and i was in that position and had no family or relatives to spend my last hours with? Everyone has one father and one mother, and no one in the earth can love us as our parents, we should respect our parents when they are still alive.

As i slowly walked past the room pushing my cart, i started to think about a lot of things. So in reading the story, i felt that the nurse did nothing wrong by letting her humanity take over.

So i definitely know how she felt.Oct 12,  · After reading "No Rainbows, No Roses" I can truly say that i can relate to the story. I believe that sharing an expression of emotion does make her a better nurse and i don't feel that she is being unprofessional at all. This is the end of the preview.

No Rainbow No Roses

Sign up to access the rest of the document. Unformatted text preview: Mendoza } I Claudia Mendoza October 2, Eng Dual Enrollment Analytical Essay Ms Fernandez No Rainbow No Rosas PWVL" 5 W In the selection “ No Rainbow, No Rose?” the author Beverly Dipo uses.

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The problem in these situations is the. Strength of Character in No Rainbows, No Roses Essay - Strength of Character in No Rainbows, No Roses Every man is born with either a silver spoon in his mouth or a shovel in his hand. If the former is the case, that individual can look forward to a life of relative ease and privilege.

Sam Freed Freed 1 Terry Mulcaire English September 6, A Minute to Late In the short essay “No Rainbows, No Roses” by Beverly Dipo, the author uses descriptive writing in order to give the reader a clear, vivid picture of what is happening/5(1).

No rainbow no roses essay
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