Ohsu school of nursing prerequisite coursework form

Should I still apply? Issued credit must appear on your official college transcripts and indicate which courses your institution granted credit for. Should I repeat a course for a better grade? Interview invitations are extended throughout the committee review process at a rate that is determined by the quality of our applicant pool each year.

Upper division nursing coursework through OHSU with. For more information, please visit the international applicant page.

What is your timeline for reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and selecting a class? Exceptions are not granted, so be sure to plan ahead to meet the posted deadlines. Our program offers information sessions in lieu of one-on-one meetings.

Interviews take place September through January, with our final class selections being finalized by mid-February each year. It raises the bar in terms of expectations for graduates: If you Ohsu school of nursing prerequisite coursework form not be able to accumulate at least 2, hours of health care experience by the deadline, then you should wait to apply during a future cycle.

Upon CASPA verification, your application will be submitted to our admissions committee and will undergo a complete, holistic review. The program does not project hours up to our application deadline or matriculation, but rather will consider the number of hours at the time you submit your application.

Until it is verified by CASPA, our program is unable to provide you with any information regarding the status of your application. Students who begin their coursework at a community college will be able to transfer to the OHSU upper division coursework, bringing with them their financial aid packages," said Sandy Hendy, R.

We recommend starting on the website and then contacting us via email with any specific questions not addressed on the site. The program requires a minimum of 2, hours of health care experience accrued at the time of application. How can I ensure a competitive application? Northwest Health Foundation, the U.

OHSU is an equal opportunity affirmative action institution. Prerequisite Coursework Form required for undergrad programs; this will be nbsp; applying to the 3 year bachelor of science with a major in — OHSU in order to complete the requirements for Supplemental Questions — OHSU School of Nursing looks at students This Applying page offers a complete check list of instructions, helpful links, and additional forms.

Credits from any regionally accredited community college or university will be accepted by our program. This admissions committee review process can take up to 10 weeks.

Our most competitive applicants will have at least some of their hours fit this preference so if your experience is in a non-patient contact role, it would be recommended to round out your hours prior to applying with a position that will provide you experience with direct patient care.

Do you require the GRE? What is the application submission deadline? Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate requests to set up shadowing experiences due to the volume of requests we receive.

The curriculum is essentially the same on each of the consortium campuses for the first three years - one year of prerequisites and two years of nursing, supporting sciences and liberal arts. Employer work verification form must be submitted see page 7 of the application form.

While our program does have a slight preference for applicants with Oregon residency or heritage, we do not have a specific number of Oregon residents we accept each year.

The School of Medicine is currently forging community partnerships to create a regional campus, first with the University of Oregon and PeaceHealth system in Eugene, and perhaps with other sites in the future.

Many experiences can qualify as direct, hands-on patient care. Year 1 Prerequisites typically take 4 to.

Academic Prerequisites

Do you accept transfer credit or advanced placement into your program? Our program accepts a wide variety of health care experience towards our requirement.Undergraduate nursing program offered at OHSU’s campus at Western Oregon University 45 quarter credits of prerequisite courses prior to matriculating to the OHSU School of Nursing.

The prerequisite courses can be taken at any accredited institution prior to enrolling; including signature page, coursework form, and official transcripts. Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) BS in Nursing Program at WOU Pre-Nursing Program The Pre-nursing program at Western Oregon University (WOU) provides students with the opportunity to complete prerequisite coursework necessary for entrance into a Bachelor of Science degree program in nursing.

The WOU pre-nursing. Similar to the OHSU School of Nursing plan to increase the number of highly trained nurses in Oregon is the OHSU School of Medicine's strategy to train additional physicians to combat the predicted doctor shortage in the state. Program Specific Prerequisite Information & Application Instructions.

Each of our programs has different eligibility criteria and prerequisite requirements. We have created application instructions which contain the specific eligibility and prerequisite coursework information for each program. Review the application instructions here. Ohsu School Of Nursing Prerequisite Coursework Form Prerequisites School of Nursing OHSU equivalency guides for Oregon and Washing to assist applicants in their prerequisite coursework nbsp; Admissions Requirements amp; Application Instructions School – OHSU Admissions Requirements amp; Application Instructions.

Prerequisite Coursework Instructions Complete and upload to your Nursing CAS account. Please use the prerequisite coursework form to list your prerequisite course work for applying to the Accelerated B.S.

or Accelerated B.S. to Masters program. Your application will be evaluated on your ability to show that you have completed or are in progress.

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Ohsu school of nursing prerequisite coursework form
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