Relaunching failed products

Repositioning Taking a brand to a new position is an involved process e. A brand audit and market research will help assess the rate of change required amongst other things. Some of the reasons for rebranding, relaunching and revitalising a brand include the following: Globalisation Sometimes rebranding is required because of globalisation where the same product sold across multiple markets is inconsistent or different e.

Relaunching failed products or revitalise your brand for you — get in touch brand personadesign.

4 Keys To Bouncing Back After A Failed Product Launch

Rationalisation Rebranding can be used to decrease business development and operational costs, or a way of countering declining profitability or consumer confidence. Innovation Technology is constantly evolving and the rate Relaunching failed products change often exponential. Typically smaller companies start with more modest brand offering, due to budget restrictions, which are inadequate to meet the needs of a bigger more sophisticated business and a rebrand is required.

Competition In a fast moving environment with aggressive competition, rebranding may be required to change the offering to the market in order to create a more compelling reason to buy in the minds of the target audience.

If a brand is technology related e. A thorough rebrand process will work to unearth the issues that need addressing and could be solved through key changes, including a completely new look and feel to the organisation.

Yet when you look at their market leadership over the decades, they have all changed even if it has been in a more evolutionary sense over time, rather than radical overhauls.

Top 25 Biggest Product Flops Of All Time

This is a two-day intensive where you work on your brand with us codifying and mapping out your brand strategy for business growth. That change is a process of giving a company, product or service a new image in order to make it more successful.

In other cases one of the brands may be more dominant requiring more of a revitalisation or refresh with it becoming the sole dominant player.

Relevance Brands need to stay relevant to their target market, to keep up with the times and keep pace with changing customer needs e. Legal Requirements Occasionally legal issues may arise that require a company to make changes to their branding such as copyright issues or bankruptcy e. In each instance though, the change to whatever degree affects a change in the minds of the target market in terms of their perceptions of the brand.

Accountants and auditors the world over calculate the value of brands when determining book values on the company balance sheets.

Brands are constantly evolving to ensure they keep abreast of changing needs in the market place. Rebranding and relaunching can take many guises from the complete wholesale change of a company or product, inside and out, including name, culture, values, behaviours, tone, visual collateral and all that entails with no connections to the legacy entity, to something less dramatic and of a more evolutionary nature in the form of a brand refresh.

Change is necessary to stay relevant to the times in which a brand exists and to ensure its future success. Revitalisation maintains and celebrates the history and heritage of the brand but shows its target audience current and future that you are adaptive to change. Alternatively, join our half-day Branding Accelerator Masterclass for a fast-injection of brand building essentials.

Rebranding is a complex process and should not be engaged lightly. Rebranding can be used as a means of blocking or outmanoeuvring competitors or a way of handling increased price competitiveness. A brand that has become old-fashioned in the eyes of its audience is in danger of stagnation if not already in a state of erosion and loss of market share.

However, some branding does require an extensive change in order for the business to achieve the required regeneration for growth and profitable returns.

Why Rebrand, Refresh Your Brand or Relaunch?

Ring us to discuss your rebrand, brand refresh or brand relaunch requirements Give us a call T: We have the perfect solution for you, three different ways of working with us to revitalise your brand or rebrand entirely, depending on your preferences — so if you want us to:ing established products and relaunching failed new products.

Denise Nitterhouse is an associate professor in the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems of DePaul University in. 4 Keys To Bouncing Back After A Failed Product Launch. Despite all the plan­ning, cus­tomer inter­views, pro­to­type test­ing and val­i­da­tion, and mes­sag­ing, your pro­duct launch flopped.

As an incentive, you could offer them a discount on other products in your store. The lessons, expert advice, and customer feedback that you gleaned from your failed launch should be compiled in the form of a marketing strategy document: which will be your smoking gun for all future product launches.

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Relaunching failed products
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