Research paper on concepts of programming

Our observations and conclusions come from formal and informal observations of hundreds of users.

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Both the treatment and control Groups are using the same Java materials, assignments, and exams. This paper examines the Alice 3 software, a three-dimensional visual environment for teaching programming concepts, to determine if it is an effective tool for improving student achievement, raising self-efficacy, and engaging students.

Statistical data as well as informal observations are summarized to show evidence of student performance as a result of this approach. Primary results include the use of LOGO- style egocentric coordinate systems, the use of arbitrary objects as lightweight coordinate systems, the launching of implicit threads of execution, extensive function overloading for a small set of commands, the careful choice of command names, and the ubiquitous use of animation and undo.

The team found that the strength of virtual reality is in visualizing high level concepts in a uniquely immersive, interactive form that enables students to explore the concepts freely without needing to worry about syntax.

The team has made available their findings, recommendations, and even the source code to their prototypes for use by the community. In this paper, we discuss the challenge of the objects-first strategy and present a new approach that attempts to meet this challenge.

Although the system is extremely flexible at runtime, we are able to maintain high interactive frame rates typically, fps by transparently decoupling simulation and rendering. We applied the educational theory of mediated transfer to develop a new version of the Alice system and accompanying instructional materials.

The tool is Alice, a 3-D interactive animation environment.

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In this paper, we present a new tool that provides a possible approach to actively engage students in increasing their knowledge and skills in these areas. As an Alice program executes, the author can update the current state either by interactively evaluating program code fragments, or by manipulating GUI tools.

A comparison is made of the pedagogical aspects of this new approach with that of other relevant work. The treatment group also completes Alice activities for each programming concept throughout the course; as well as two Alice assignments.

Reducing the Hurdles to Success in a CS1 Programming Course Tebring Daly Learning the syntax, semantics, and concepts behind software engineering can be a challenging task for many individuals. The team did so by rapid-prototyping six virtual reality experiences that each illustrate one significant computer science concept in a visual, interactive way.

You can view their development blog, download the tool, have access to basic how to materials to support usage, and even play example games created using the tool.

They chose to create a game aimed at teaching the value of using functions through the metaphor of a pizza parlor. The Wonderland project worked to bring the core principles of Alice into virtual reality by exploring what VR might have to offer the world of computer science education.

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Alice programs are written in an object-oriented, interpreted language which allows programmers to immediately see the effects of changes.

The pedagogy was implemented and tested over two years. They have completed a beta of the platform and have also shared their code. Influence of Alice 3: This study compares the similarities and differences between a Fundamentals of Programming course with and without Alice integrated into the curriculum.

You can view their development blog, trailers of the game play, and see their accompanying lesson plan on the project site. Student test scores in experimental course sections showed a dramatic jump of at least one letter grade over test scores in more traditional sections of the same course.

The new approach is centered on the visualization of objects and their behaviors using a 3D animation environment.Early History of Object Oriented Programming Abstract Did object-oriented programming start with C++, or was Smalltalk the earliest object- This paper will explore some of the events that led concepts of an active process, “station”, and a passive one, “customer”.

For example, in a. Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Research and Data Analysis 3 with this material before proceeding to the subsequent chapters, as most of the terms introduced here.

This research paper talks about the object oriented programming paradigm, its main concepts and principles (encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, dynamic binding and message passing) and how the paradigm may be applied to computer software or computer applications design.

Watch video · Listen to the latest podcast from Microsoft Research Deep Learning Indaba Strengthening African machine learning The process of writing efficient computer vision algorithms Programming languages and software engineering.

Search and information retrieval. Social sciences. Technology for emerging markets. Research Paper Available online at: A Study on Inheritance Using Object Oriented Programming with C++ Shivam Amrutvahini College of Engineering India Abstract: C++ strongly supports the concept of Reusability.

The C++ classes can be reused in several ways. concepts strongly, to give save time and reduce the complexity. Concept Analysis in Programming Language Research Done Well It Is All Right Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho they think the paper reports bad research when it merely needs to be presented better.

Concept Analysis in Programming Language Research Onward!’17, October 25–27,Vancouver, Canada.

Research paper on concepts of programming
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