The intended audience of shrek 2 essay

He tortured the gingerbread man, arrested all fairytale creatures, asked others to rescue Princess Fiona and tried to arrest Shrek when he barged into his wedding.

To add to his evilness, he tries to make his kingdom perfect by getting rid of all fairytale creatures. The villain in Shrek was Lord Farquaad. In the scene when Farquaad was preparing to torture the gingerbread man, there was loud organ music in the background with dark lighting which expresses dark and evil presence.

More essays like this: Farquaad in result gets eaten by the dragon. In the end he did not gain anything but instead he was eaten by a dragon. On the other hand Shrek is the knight in shining armour. This ending stresses the relativity of beauty, thus leading the allegory to the moral.

When Fiona says she was supposed to be beautiful, Shrek says she is already beautiful. The sunset was the background setting and they were shown in a close-up shot which shows emotions or romance.

This means people cannot judge something or somebody simply by looking at their appearance. Shrek is the person who saves Princess Fiona from the dragon and delivers her to Lord Farquaad.

In conclusion, the film Shrek has many important morals that encourage its audience to understand and appreciate. When Shrek kisses her, instead of turning back to human form, she turns permanently to an ogre.

Lord Farquaad himself is wearing red clothes which symbolises evil and command.

This therefore proves the moral being encourages by the composer. The composer of Shrek uses film techniques to convey these morals.

How does the director of “Shrek” convey morals to the audience? Essay Sample

They are shown effectively by using film techniques such as lighting, music, camera angles, settings and costumes. Film techniques such as lighting, music, camera angles, setting and costumes. He is the good guy in the story.The composer of “Shrek” has encouraged many morals such as ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, ‘Good always wins over the evil’ and “No good deed always goes unrewarded’.

The composer of Shrek uses film techniques to convey these morals. The overall effect is disgusting, yet interesting and comical which makes us want to find out more about it, as well as Shrek, whom it is intended to represent.

Characterisation is possibly the most vital of all techniques employed by film makers. The Shrek story begins when a fairy tale book opens. The opening sentence of the story is "Once upon a time".

The music is quiet and classical and suits a fairy tale. The book's pages turn until the last page where it closes with "and they lived happily ever after". This. Shrek's laid-back manner and sense of humour would also appeal to the audience because it makes him easier to relate to and these are seen as good qualities in a person.

Donkey is probably the most likeable character in the film, especially for children and teenagers, due to his excitable, chatty manner and endearing moments in the film.3/5(4). Making Shrek Appeal to a Wider Audience Essay.

Making Shrek Appeal to a Wider Audience The producers of the film, 'Shrek', successfully modernise a traditional fairy tale plot, by adding a subtle twist and imaginative exploration into the notion of stereotypical characters.

May 02,  · Shrek, a Movie for both Kids and Adults Cartoons are generally intended for children.

There are adult cartoons but most of the animated movies are directed at kids because they make it easy to produce fantasies and make heroes children can associate themselves with.

The intended audience of shrek 2 essay
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