The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today

But there was also tenderness, sadness, reflection. The society changed from the healthy and solid urban working class culture to a new commercial mass culture during the Fifties. Woodstock got a lot of media coverage, and soon became the symbol for the whole counter culture.

Let the moderators know of any suggestions and complaints you have through moderator mail, not PM. The music pummeled and droned, a nightmarish swirl of viola, distorted guitars, and tribal drums struck with mallets. The Counter culture culminated inwhen over This generation looked more into the future and less to the past.

The year was remarkably rich for poetry: It was an uncommercial blend to say the least, but the Velvets got an unexpected benefactor when artist and all-around pop art icon Andy Warhol caught the band at a club around the end of The new social reforms that the government started made them also independent economically.

The album cover is famous for its Warhol design: The differences showed in the last recording sessions the band had with John Cale in Reed sometimes used alternative guitar tunings to create a droning sound.

After her drums were stolen from one club, she replaced them with garbage cans brought in from outside. The beginning of the s seemed to herald considerable promise for the group, as they signed to Atlantic, but at this point the personnel problems that had always dogged them finally became overwhelming.

Musicheads Essential Artists: The Velvet Underground

By springWarhol was producing their debut album. The cover photograph was taken by Billy Name. These threads are meant to encourage sharing of music and promote discussion about artists. He saw no talent in Lou [Reed].

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We would like to encourage posts that lead to heady discussions and lively debate. Back up your opinions with details and examples. Marihuana got accepted on the same line as alcohol by the american youth and later on partly by some parents.

Despite his proficiency on the instrument, Morrison hated playing bass. For these appearances, Cale sang and played organ, Tucker switched to bass guitar and MacLise was on drums.

They meant that the society got more into glamorizing plastic values instead of grasping the problems that existed in the community.

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The group was uncompromising in its music and lyrics, to be sure, sometimes espousing a bleakness and primitivism that would inspire alienated singers and songwriters of future generations. Both Cale and Reed called Sesnick a "snake" in different interviews after leaving the band.

A technique used on many songs was the "drone strum", an eighth-note rhythm guitar style used by Reed. Reed and Cale who would play bass, viola, and organ would need to assemble a full band, making tentative steps along this direction by performing together in the Primitives which also included experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad and avant-garde sculptor Walter DeMaria to promote a bizarre Reed -penned Pickwick single "The Ostrich".

Following a show in Houston, Texashe left the group in August to pursue a Ph. Threads like "I like band x, do you?What Exactly about "The Velvet Underground and Nico" was Especially Groundbreaking? But the more you listen to a lot of pop and rock music from the period in which is was recorded, The Velvet Underground made music that was very easy for The General Music-Listening Audience to misunderstand, and they did so on purpose.

- The Velvet Underground - etc. - Music. Check Out Our Turntable Store Need a new record player? Check out our turntable store for a great selection of. Today the music of the Velvet Underground lives on through the internet, where wide-eyed young people can rediscover an alternative to mainstream 60’s pop.

This one is more beat poetry than pop music, or perhaps simply a short story read to music. Top 10 Velvet Underground Songs. By: Alexa Kwiatkoski Feb 2, From: Send to: Send. According to music journalist Steve Taylor, The Velvet Underground is a pop album because of its more accessible songs and "has been called Lou Reed with a backing band due to the emphasis placed on songs rather than experimental sound work.".

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band formed in in New York City by singer/guitarist Lou Reed, multi-instrumentalist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison, and drummer Angus MacLise (replaced by Moe Tucker in ).

The band was initially active between andand was briefly managed by the pop artist Andy Warhol, serving as the house band at the Factory and Warhol's Origin: New York City, U.S. Musicheads Essential Artists: The Velvet Underground. by For their brief but immeasurable impact on the history of rock music, the Velvet Underground are Musicheads Essential Artists.

highlight a different artist who has made a significant contribution to the music world and a lasting impression on the music we listen to today. We call.

The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today
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