Using abbreviations in college essays

Degree names are a notable exception to the lowercase abbreviation rule. Days of the week or months of the year in the normal flow of text. Long, common phrases, such as IQ Intelligence Quotientrpm revolutions per minutemph miles per hourand mpg miles per gallon.

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word or phrase, like Mr. Although the abbreviation or acronym is capitalized for some common or generic nouns and terms, lowercase the spelled-out form.

As always, this type of slang can be OK in certain contexts, but it might leave some readers feeling confused.

Postal Service including abbreviations for words like Boulevard and Alley are listed online.

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Good guess if you got this one right. Good job if you got this one correct! When the term of measurement is used as a modifier, we put a hyphen between the number and the term of measurement: The jury is still out. This makes them easier to remember, and easy for others to read.

Abbreviations accepted by the U. Although our language is incorporating more and more acronyms and abbreviations, they have no place in your essay.

There are a few common trends in abbreviating that you should follow when using MLA, though there are always exceptions to these rules. If you can say for example as a substitute for the abbreviation, you want to use e.

Using acronyms As you read earlier, acronyms are used in place of a phrase or string of words. When placing either a or an before an abbreviation or acronym, determine how it would sound when spoken; see a, an, the entry above.

This is a surefire path to disaster. You need to include concrete details about your experiences.Simple Rules for Acronyms in Essays.

Last week, five clients asked me questions about acronyms in essay writing. I didn’t realize how many rules there are! Here’s a quick summary to help you out. Filed under writing essays grammar essayhelp acronyms university college Essayhelp. Many blur the line between abbreviations and acronyms, but they're abbreviations nonetheless.


In other words, they abbreviate something in a contemporary way, using initials, slang, and other shorthand. The way students communicate with one another through social media and text messaging is creeping into high school classrooms across the country.

Most abbreviations should NOT be used in essays and coursework as they are generally too informal – some acronyms can be used (although they should be written fully at first) such as the NHS (National Health Service), United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) to name a few.

To maximize clarity, APA prefers that authors use abbreviations sparingly. Although abbreviations are sometimes useful for long, technical terms in scientific writing, communication is usually garbled rather than clarified if, for example, an abbreviation is unfamiliar to the reader.

it does depend on the kind of essay you are writing, but usually not using abbreviations or contractions is the way to go.

just in case. tone can be set through sentence structure and the words you use. think of it as if you were talking.

Using abbreviations in college essays
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