What makes a person a better

Instead, I learned that taking accountability for your own mistakes is extremely important. Change is the only way to grow and progress into the person you want to become. Advertising Here are 9 ways to be a better person through self-development: I am a lot happier with who I am and I would have no problem telling my future kids the type of person I am.

Once I became an entrepreneur and people started to look up to me, I became a lot more cautious about the way I behaved.

Instead of getting angry, I decided to find a way to change my negative emotion. I used to be an angry person growing up, but I only saw it damage relationships with people and increase my blood pressure. By setting aside some time each day to reflect on what behaviors were good and bad, I have the opportunity to grow.

However, I would never blame myself for things that went wrong. By understanding that I made a mistake, I was able to use my mistakes to learn which in turn helped me become a better person. At the end of each day, I like to reflect and see what I can do to become a better person.

I stopped making excuses, took the blame when it was truly my fault, and was able to achieve so much more. When you keep an open mind and are willing to change, you are able to grow into the person you want to become.

9 Ways To Be A Better Person

Be Willing To Change In order to become a better person, you have to be willing to change. Stop Being Angry Many people let anger and rage alter their decision-making skills. Be A Role Model Sometimes you need to be a role model to someone to really get your act together.

I would make fun of others, I was selfish, and I thought the world revolved around me. Controlling anger is an extremely difficult skill to master, but it is very beneficial. Many people are against change, which can make it very hard to grow.

I would blame others, blame the customer, or anyone else involved. Not only that, but I have a goal of leaving an imprint on the world for doing great things.

Stop Making Excuses When I first started my company in high school, I made excuses every time something went wrong.Apr 07,  · What makes a person bitter? I'll admit that at the time, I didn't think that things would get better for awhile, but I realized that I was the only one who could change the way my life was going.

I am not entirely happy with my life as of now, but I am working on that. I'm in therapy mi-centre.com: Resolved.

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What makes a person a better
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