Write a story a lucky escape

Your stories: A Lucky Escape

I groped wildly for something to clutch onto, but nothing was there. I slowly walked further into the crystal clear water, took a deep breath and went under. Then I realized what had happened. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I woke upon the shore, lying on my face.

Vines whipped across my face. Blood gushed from my forehead, half blinding me as I staggered up. Slowly, I pulled Freya up and supported her against my shoulder, as we moved through the plane.

Short Story

The salt water was in my eyes and it was all a blur. It was roughly forty-three degrees this Sunday afternoon in the small town of South West Rocks. I walked down to the waters edge and watched the waves rolling into shore while the sand was squishing in between my toes.

I had been surrounded. As soon as I looked, the light hit me, sharp and painful. The cliff was in front of me. Flames enveloped the seats, blackening faces. I crashed and tumbled down under the water. His red eyes made holes in me. The bear was after me.

The room spun round, and I was almost sick with dizziness.

Everyone else had gone home. I had been taken out by a rip. Suddenly a burning pain sliced through my thoughts, stabbing my head. Around me were machines, beeping steadily, and drips connected to my arms.

Through them, she attempted a strange smile.

The bears were behind me. As I was about to catch a wave in, I looked around and realised that I was about 50m away from the shore. Join the site and send us your scribblings!A Boy, A Bear And A Lucky Escape Byron Zhou, Grade 6, Picnic Point Public School Short Story I ran as quickly as I could.

The bear was after me. His hot breath burnt my back. His red eyes made holes in me. Vines whipped across my face.

short storty 'LUCKY ESCAPE'

Write a story based on the notes below. Family’s lucky escape when car crashes into house Manchester: car – cr Recibe ahora mismo las respuestas que necesitas! Free Essays on Essay On a Lucky Escape. Get help with your writing.

1 through Анализ "The Escape" by Somerset Maugham The story under the title “The Escape” was written by one of the outstanding English writers – William Somerset Maugham.

The plot of the story is quite simple, though interesting. They're watching- a story based on communism that registered your thumb print from the school data, meaning that the teachers didn t have to waste valuable be almost automatically.

It was the bus to The Place.4/5(2). Your stories: A Lucky Escape 'My head was spinning, the world was spinning. Sirens were splitting through the air, shrill and sharp' MG Adler.

Write a story a lucky escape
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