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Many servants are left without a home or job and are distributed amongst the village. It is clear that the plague has struck the town. It is not the plague. The weather soon changes, and Anna remarks on the insects biting her boys. Then, as mysteriously as it appears, the plague runs its course, but not before it decimates the population and forever changes the lives of the principal protagonists.

Brooks emphasises this through her use of a circular structure, as Anna is presented to readers in the Autumn of as headstrong and liberated: Anna goes home and checks her boys — both appear unafflicted. Anys uses all her wits to distract and anger the villagers and accepts that her death is inevitable.

Anna feels drawn to her and changes many opinions in discussion with her, showing us how unusual Anna herself is for a woman of the time. He knows the whole story and feels Anna may be in danger from those who would seek to destroy the child still.

Return to Year of Wonders: Anna decides to embrace life and make the most of it, symbolized by taking Anteros off for a ride. Mompellion is enraged and Anna takes him into her arms pp. Whereas a man of faith becomes depleted — void of any direction or meaning in his life, Anna, a woman open to hope instead of a blind faith in God is the antithesis of Mompellion, as she is reborn by the end of the novel.

Though we clearly see the best and the worst in some characters, it is difficult to pass judgement on others, whose actions sometimes lie between the two absolutes of best and worst. By the end of the novel, it is revealed that his self-proclaimed omnipotence is also inflicted upon his wife as he decides what punishment she must receive in order to atone for her past sins of aborting her child.

Bradford accuses Mompellion of just trying to make the villagers feel better about having to stay p. She does not however reveal all and the biggest secret will be revealed by Michael in the final pages of the novel. The Poppies of Lethe This chapter titles strikes me as somewhat ironic — poppies stand for rememberness but Lethe represents forgetting and oblivion — oblivion brought on my remembering?

The chapter ends ironically with Anna feeling jealous of the Mompellions for having each other pp. Many agree, some if only for lack of food and provisions to travel.

Mem Gowdie is sent away as they fetch a physician. In saving Mem Anys draws attention to herself and Anna finds that her loose tongue around Anys and George helps condemn her friend. Despite this, not all of his decisions reflect exemplary leadership, such as his harsh treatment of Elinor. Obviously modeled on Leaf-Fall, what is the meaning of this chapter title?

Memories of the past run rampant here. She explains the processes she and Elinor try, and how they learn through trial and error.

No-one expected this plague. Her caring nature is evident in her attempts to assist Mompellion and also in her care for his horse Anteros. She saves the child from being killed as the result of adultery and promises to leave the village and care for the girl herself.

She then remembers the herb stores at the Gowdies and sets off to replenish her stock. Elinor wants to accompany her but for the first time Anna speaks harshly to her if the silliness of not being out there to dig her out if needs be p.

Year of Wonders Critical Essays

As he begins to give thanks, Aphra appears. Brooks essentially argues that this controlling capability reveals a sense of falsity in the meaning of religious ideals to an individual. Elinor encourages her saying that the Plague could catch them any day.

He relationship begins but is destroyed by the revelation that he never slept with Elinor.

Year of Wonders Critical Evaluation - Essay

There is an interesting exchange with the sexton a church official who comes to pick up bodies on p. Anna tries a number of remedies to soothe or cure Jamie which must have been common at the time, to no avail.

Not only is the fear religion conjures within its followers damned as oppressive, it is also blamed for sparking extremities in behavior during growing adversity.Year of Wonders was Geraldine Brooks’s first novel.

The Australian-born Brooks had been a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, covering conflicts in the Middle East and in Central Europe. Year of Wonders Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Year of Wonders is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

We will write a custom essay sample on Year of Wonders specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Anna Frith, a previously illiterate year-old housemaid, becomes a scholar, midwife, and independent woman capable of supporting herself and her children over a series of events.

Anna Frith, a previously illiterate year-old. ‘Year of Wonders suggests that adversity brings out the best and the worst in people. ‘ Do you agree? In Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks recounts the tale of a small 17th century English village afflicted by the plague, through the honest and reliable narration of.

Year of Wonders: Practice essay This text demonstrates the difficulties of holding on to faith in times of adversity. Discuss. Geraldine Brook’s novel ‘Year of Wonders’ is a true story of Eyam, a small village in the north of England, which made the remarkable decision to voluntarily quarantine itself when struck by the plague in Notes: Leaf-Fall We have looked at the first chapter – which chronologically occurs towards the end of the text, and discussed some of the reasons why Brooks might choose to structure her novel in this way.

Year of wonders essa essay
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